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Frequently Asked Questions - Boudoir

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I'm a little nervous...
It’s very common to be nervous about your shoot. Just remember that I have plenty of tried and true posing that is there to flatter any body type. The best thing to do is to tell me what you are most self conscious about and I will hand pick the best poses that will showcase you at your best. My goal is to make you forget about your weight or flaws, and just feel SEXY!
What should I wear?
You need to bring 4-5 different outfits from your own personal collection. I also recommend going out and treating yourself to a new lacy item to start the excitement of whatís to come. Some ideas are corsets, bustiers, matching bra and panties, with garters and thigh high nylons, fishnet, babydolls, and even a few pairs of sexy heels.
What should I do with my hair and makeup?
You need to be ready to go when you arrive at the shoot. I recommend scheduling an appointment with a makeup artist that is trained in applying make up for photo shoots. You can go to various stores in malls, like MAC, Merle Norman, and even Shoppers Drug Mart. Make up applications take around an hour to be completed, so plan your appointments accordingly. Most women choose to fluff up their hair themselves and put a bit of soft curls in it so it can be played with and move nicely during the shoot. Style it a bit bigger and fancier then your everyday hair. Make it special.
What will my pictures look like?
I always strive for tasteful, classy photos. Before your session I go over the different styles of shooting and ask what you are most comfortable with. Some women prefer to be fully clothed and do more of a glamour/fashion shoot, others want to do artistic nudes. Just let me know your ideas and we can go from there. All I strive for is to make you look HOT HOT HOT!
How long will it take to get my pictures?
This depends greatly on the length of the shoot and my schedule, but it could anywhere from two days to two weeks.
Where can I put these pictures?
You can do so many things with these photos. Firstly if you are doing this for yourself or someone else, do not feel embarrassed in showing them off.† If you want it to be your secret or between you and your loved one, there are great products you can buy where you can easily open them up to view them at your own pleasure, then close them and put them back in your safe place.† You can also display them on a bedside table, walk in closet, bathroom, by his work bench, or the back of your bedroom door. Some women want to be reminded of how they looked and felt that day and prominently display them in an area they walk by on a daily basis.
How soon should I book my shoot?
Due to varying time periods itís always safe to book your shoot 1-2 months in advance. If you require a rush session, please contact me and I will try to accommodate.
What are your booking and cancellation policies?
For Boudoir marathons full session payment is required to retain your time slot. It is non refundable. If something happens and you are unable to come it is your responsibility to find someone who is willing to take your time slot. For studio sessions there is a $100 retainer fee required to book your session. If circumstances prevent you from coming your retainer is good for any future date. If you cancel within 24 hrs, the retainer will be kept and will be forfeited.
Can I bring someone with me?
I recommend that no other people are present during the session. My job as a photographer is to guide you through the shoot and give you tons of direction so you can focus on being in the moment and feeling confident. Having another person present tends to bring out your insecurities, wondering are they watching... judging... are they bored... etc... Definitely have someone drop you off and pick you up and take you out afterwards, so you can tell them all about it. Plus you already have gorgeous hair and make- up, so go out and flaunt it and keep the energy going.

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