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There are so many things in society and our everyday lives that can alter the way we see ourselves. Not often are women given the chance to celebrate their beauty, femininity and sensuality. There are so many things on our plate, the small things that we would love to do for ourselves gets put on the back burner.

Society can sometimes skew what we think of as beautiful, and cause us to think less of and gloss over our own unique beauty. I want to help empower women to take their beauty back and show that the everyday average woman shows more beauty and depth then the young women in those magazines. Better yet, I want to prove to YOU that you already are. You are beautiful with all your flaws and insecurities, and you deserve to feel that way over and over again. I want to help make an impact in your life and I know that something as simple as these striking photos will do it. Re-ignite your confidence and feel sexy again. For this moment, your job of taking care of everyone else is done. It’s your turn now!

See the Boudoir FAQ here


Boudoir shots are normally taken in a private studio or in a hotel room in the case of a Boudoir marathon.

For other types of photography, I generally shoot on-location, in my clients homes, or wherever they choose. I want people to feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot because I know its not always easy being in front of the camera. Shooting in the home or on location also means that you do not have to worry about forgetting anything because anything you might need will be right there. The most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun!

I work in and around the Calgary area, but I am also in the Edmonton area fairly often. I am willing to shoot wherever you would like so we can get that perfect shot. Out of town sessions may require travel expenses.


These photos are about you and how beautiful you are at this time in your life. Maternity shoots are done at around 7-8 months. Do not worry about stretch marks or blemishes, they can be taken care of with some discrete editing!

New Born

We just go with the flow, relax and capture some beautiful timeless photos that your family will cherish forever. Newborn shots are best taken within the first two weeks. This is when they are the least aware of their surroundings and are happy just feeding and sleeping. Photos are taken with all natural light as flashes can be hard on the baby's eyes. A large window usually provides ample light. Babies are unpredictable so I allow plenty of time for feedings etc.


Don't forget about the "other" members of your family. I want to capture the bond and love you have for each other in those honest moments. Animal lovers know that their pets are part of the family too. Animal portraits can be taken with the family or separately.