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I wanted to do these pictures for two reasons. The first was to do something really different and memorable for my husband’s birthday and second I had just turned 40 and wanted to be able to look back and think wow I was 40 when I did this. When I first spoke with Desirae I remember telling her over and over that all I really wanted was to get just one good photo as I have never been very photogenic and I had never done anything like this.  She asked that if I could trust her we would get more than that and was she ever right I picked about 24 from the 43 she sent me in the end.

Desirae has a way of making the experience fun, exciting and completely relaxing. She has a confidence that is contagious and seems to know just the right time to show you a picture to boost your confidence as you are going through the photo shoot.  I would highly recommend Desirea to anyone considering embarking on this fantastic experience whether you are doing it for yourself or someone else.

I did this primarily for my husband but got so much more out of it for myself than I could ever imagine and for that I am very grateful to Desirae. She is very good at what she does and you can trust her completely to make you look & feel your absolute best.

My experience with Desirae was amazing.  To say that I was nervous about the photo shoot would be an understatement.  I decided I wanted to give my fiancé a wedding present that he would never expect from me so I found Beyond Photography.  I had researched and talked to other boudoir photographers but the price and feel wasn't right.  I met with Desirae, saw her work and felt comfortable with her right away. 

The day of the photo shoot I was super excited because it was also the day of my stagette.  I got my hair and makeup done that morning and went to Desirae's to do the photo shoot.  Her basement studio was so amazing and she had champagne and fruit waiting for me.  The next 4 hours was amazing!  I really believe that every woman should do this because by the end of the shoot I felt so confident and like a model! 

Seeing the pictures was like opening presents on Christmas.  I couldn't believe that was me!  Then she put the book together and I couldn't wait to give it to my fiancé.  I left the book and 11 x 14 picture on his pillow the day I left for the wedding.  I was leaving a few days earlier and thought I'd be a brat and give it to him when he wasn't going to see me for a few days.  When he got home from work that day I got the phone call and all he could say was, "oh my god, you look unbelievable, like a model".  I think he would tell you it was the best present he'd ever received from me. 

Ever moment of this experience was amazing and I have recommended Desirae to everyone I know.  She is so professional and takes pride in what she does.  Thanks Desirae...it was one of the best experiences of my life!

My wife gave me the most amazing birthday present ever and I would like to thank Desirae for her part in it. She hates getting her picture taken and that Desirae was able to get these photos of her, is amazing. I have always told her that I liked pictures of her and am grateful that she trusted Desirae enough to prove me right. I will say that anyone considering doing this for your significant other it will be the best present you can ever give but be warned it will be very hard to top!! 

Desirae performed a photo shoot with our baby, Finlay, when he was only six days old.  As first-time parents we were a little nervous about how well we and the baby would do throughout the day but Desirae made the environment comfortable and calm and we really felt like we could just relax during the whole process.  She was patient, allowing us as many feeding breaks as needed which helped keep the baby happy and content.  We were clueless as to how we should pose, but Desirae was so full of artistic, creative and practical ideas which made us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera.  The best part was seeing the end result - our photos!  I could hardly choose which ones to keep because so many were absolutely gorgeous with unique character, capturing the joy of our first baby. 

We received copies of our chosen, edited photos along with a photo CD within a few weeks.  I immediately posted them online for friends and family to see and the response was amazing.  I ended up giving out about five referrals to other moms-to-be within the first few days of posting the pictures as they were asking for "our" photographer.  

Not only do the pictures look beautiful in the album Desirae put together for us, but because they are so artistic, in the right frame they offer a beautiful replacement for art prints around our home.  We are so proud of the portfolio of our baby boy and would recommend Desirae Ferguson as a photographer for any family hoping to capture their memories.